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my name is Manuel Klimek and I'm a software developer living in the beautiful Bavarian highlands. At the moment of this writing I'm 29 30 years old (yikes!), which I think is verrrrry old, but my veteran colleagues would probably call me a pup.

At the moment I'm trying to grasp what software development is all about, which I do mostly by reading books and using my colleagues as experimental subjects. Most of what you read on these pages is somehow connected with me trying to pry open Pandora's box on my quest for The Silver Bullet. Not believing in something does not prevent you from keeping an eye open, just in case.

My first gentle contact with software development was at the age of 12. My mother typed a GWBASIC code example from some book, which featured some ASCII art spaceship dropping bombs into a canyon when you hit some key, thus clearing whatever it was that soiled the canyon. I remember spending a lot of time with the old DOS manual (which covered GWBASIC, back then) trying to find out how to create the impression of movement on a computer screen. It felt like unmasking some magician's trick. When I finally discovered that it's simply a matter of showing the object at a new position, deleting what's left at the old position and doing all this too quick for the human eye to notice, I knew that I'd become a software developer. I was hooked.

Growing up I spent a lot of my time programming, playing chess and desperately trying to find a girl. And believe me, the latter is hard if you refuse to give up the first two. But being a brave nerd I investigated the matter and developed a second passion: ballroom dancing. This was one of the brighter moments in my life. At an evening at the dancing school I was introduced to a great girl. This girl is now a beautiful woman, my wife, and still abides my late-night computer sessions. So if you're a young geeky nerd or nerdy geek I can offer some advice on reproduction matters: take a dancing class.

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