Tuesday, October 3, 2006

KDE 4 on Windows revisited

Today I took another shot at the KDE4 on windows target.

First, I found this link which tells you how to keep up to date with qt-copy: just download the correct snapshot from the troll's ftp site.

I downloaded the 10/02 snapshot and applied the latest msvc 2005 patches from the qtwin sourceforge project. Then I configured and built qt. Everything went fine.

Now back to building qtdbus. As mentioned in the kdelibs.com tutorial, I checked out qdbus from qt-copy in the kde svn and replaced the qdbus dir in the qt package. The problem is that DBUSDIR is not recognized any more in the build. So I opened qdbus/src/src.pro in my editor, and put in a few lines I found in an earlier version of that file in the subversion repository.

My win32 part of src.pro now reads:

win32 {
+ LIBS+= -L$$(DBUSDIR)/lib
LIBS += -lws2_32 -ladvapi32 -lnetapi32

Then I started qmake -spec win32-msvc2005 -recursive and the build started. But there was yet another problem. The link of qdbus.exe missed the xml library. So I added
QT = core xml
to qdbus/tools/qdbus/qdubs.pro.
Another nmake and everything builds fine. Let's see what's next...

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