Sunday, December 10, 2006

Censorship Actionism In Germany

After the recent amok run in Germany you see helplessness everywhere. But of course the important social and political organizations from Christian churches to the regulars' table know the easy solution:

Just censor computer games and everything will be fine.

Of course killer games must be the cause for people to run around and kill. What else. Apart from the original sin humans are born without a spot. And history tells us that it always works to make things illegal that we don't approve of. Gain control by censorship. And the only solution to bad things happening is control. What else. Humans are bad by design, you have to control them.

Oh, wait, you say that computer games may not be the real cause, but merely a symptom - or, even worse, just a coincidence? You really say that most male teenagers play killer games on their computers? No, I just don't believe this. My son most definitely does not. We're good people.

I'd really like to live in the 1940s. There were no killer games. The world must have been a peaceful place back than.

When will people learn that censorship is not a solution? That censorship is a new problem artificially created by goodwilling people? When will people learn that a society must solve it's problems from within?

I can think of a really good reason why people run amok: a cold, anonymous society where the only value is profit, where you're laughed at in public if you're a looser.

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